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Truckers, Porndle, and Bad Boys

In these newly woke times in the entertainment industry, it’s slightly amazing to me that nobody has protested the fact that Denzel Washington isn’t actually Scottish yet.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 1, 2022

Squid Game, Pre-Madonnas, and CBC Porn

I got my hands on the first few episodes of the Sex and the City reboot, and was quite enjoying it before I realized I had opened the wrong file and was actually watching Golden Girls reruns.

By Tony Nappo / Jan 25, 2022
iPhoto caption: Kamino as Mrs. Pong in the Primary English Class (1978) and Queenie in Bachelor Man (1986).

Views from the Stage: It Ironically Looks Like Real Life

Theatre artist Brenda Kamino reminisces on her career and her success as an advocate for Non Traditional Casting in this special edition Artist Perspective for the 2021 Toronto Fringe.

By Brenda Kamino / Jul 24, 2021

Essential Work

The live performance of Quiver seems a distant memory, a relic of the less suffocating weeks of COVID-19 restrictions. Almost like a miracle, Quiver was performed in the brief moment of time when it was possible.

By Anna Chatterton / Feb 10, 2021