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Venn Diagrams, Orwell, and a Garbage Bag Burial

On January 12, 2021 at 3pm EST, Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a State of Emergency on my balls. This means that all of the people who have been ignoring them since the beginning of the pandemic took two minutes to study the new guidelines and will, most likely, continue to ignore them.

By Tony Nappo / Jan 19, 2021

Not Something to Pray Away, Not the Enemy, and Not in the Same Boat

My new therapist says he is keen to get started working on my avoidance issues. Man, I’m really gonna miss that guy.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 22, 2020

Escape to Manitoba: Addiction, Mental Health, and Healing

At the height of my mental health and addiction morass, I was lauded. I produced one of the most successful seasons at Buddies which was nominated for multiple Dora Awards. 

By Jim LeFrancois / Oct 16, 2018
iPhoto caption: Anusree Roy. Photo by Dahlia Katz

It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health

I’ve moved on. But the weight of what I am and who I am is still informed by something I’ve never talked about publicly.

By Anusree Roy, as told to Maija Kappler / Apr 7, 2017