Theatre This Week: February 17 – 23

How To Fail as a Popstar

February 18 - March 1

Illuminating, raw, honest and hopeful, this debut theatrical work chronicles Vivek’s journey to “not quite” pop music superstardom. A reflection on the power of pop culture, dreams, disappointments, and self-determination, this astonishing performance is a triumph in finding one’s authentic voice.

At Canadian Stage until March 1. For tickets and more information click here.


February 7 - February 22

bug by Yolanda Bonnell is a 60 minute solo show about women of an Indigenous family navigating addiction and inter-generational trauma. When their addictions manifest as manidoons (Ojibwe word for bug, insect or worm), the creature burrows beneath their skin, pushing them beyond the brink.

At Theatre Passe Muraille’s Mainspace until February 22. For tickets and more information click here.

Secret Life of a Mother

February 6 - February 23

A playwright writes an exposé of modern motherhood: a confessional piece about her own darkly funny and taboo-breaking truths. One of her real-life friends, an actress, performs this story, and through it her own motherhood secrets start to surface. These mothers are not the butts of jokes, or the villains, or the perfect angels of the house.

At Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre until February 23. For tickets and more information click here.

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