Theatre This Week: May 31 – June 6

A collage of all three shows' promotional images. The shows are MH370, Come Home, and The Here and This and Now


May 31 - June 15

Coordinating remotely with over 40 outstanding artists during the pandemic, fu-GEN Theatre is proud to present the durational, immersive and interactive audio installation MH370. Comprising over 1100 intricately connected pieces, this audio installation is unlike anything fu-GEN has attempted before. The 7 hour and 40 minute project runs around the clock from May 31st to June 15th, allowing listeners to choose their own audio journey among the 227 passengers on board.

Presented by fu-GEN Theatre. For more information, click here.

Come Home - The Legend of Daddy Hall

May 30 - June 13

When John Hall is awakened by the ghosts of his ancestors, he is forced to revisit the story of his entire life. As his young granddaughter Billie tries to keep him from death’s grip, she is confronted by truths she would never have imagined. Based on true events, Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall is told through poetic text, music and song.

Presented by Tarragon Theatre in association with PlayME Podcast‘s Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley as a part of Tarragon Acoustic. For tickets and more information, click here.

The Here and This and Now

June 4 - June 27

Four pharmaceutical reps work on their pitch for the miracle drug they are asked to sell. This play lays bare the ethics of marketing medications, where style and substance must compete with each other. Things take a darkly comic turn when it turns out the drug could have saved the world.

Presented by United Players of Vancouver. For tickets and more information, click here.

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