Theatre This Week: May 17 – 23

Collage of all the shows' images. The shows are The Seagull, Scorched, and the rEvolver Festival.

The Seagull

May 12 - June 30

Unrequited love. Creative jealousy. Guns. Vodka. Art. A summer weekend at a lakeside estate falls apart when celebrities come to visit. Switching effortlessly between the ridiculous and the profound, this masterpiece of the modern era examines the burning need to create art and the destructive power of love.

Presented by Soulpepper Theatre Company. For tickets and more information, click here.


May 13 - May 27

Wajdi Mouawad’s writing is powerful; a beautifully penned story that paves a path to a mother’s unspeakable pain. The closer Janine and Simon get to finding the source of her silence, the closer they are to uncovering a tragedy so horrific it will engulf the world they know. Continuing his quest for sense and beauty, Wajdi Mouawad has plunged into the turbulent depths of writing to discover, washed up midst the sand dunes, fiery tales lost in the mists of time. Making their way through the dunes are Nawal’s twin children, Janine and Simon, who want to solve the mystery of their origins. In retracing the bitter history of their mother, other characters come into the story—witnesses or key players able to assist in the investigation.

Presented by Tarragon Theatre in association with PlayME Podcast‘s Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley. For tickets and more information, click here.

rEvolver Festival

May 19 - June 6

Shaped around digital and audio experiences, conversations and workshops, readings and talkbacks, this year’s festival is dedicated to starting dialogues about change. This can take many forms: change to our planet as well as change to our cultural and societal systems, offering a time for reflection, by participating artist groups and audiences alike. Themes explored in the works-in-development include, finding connection, the environment, colonialism, mental health, protest, and hope.

Presented by Upintheair Theatre. For tickets and more information, click here.

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