Theatre This Week: February 8 – 14

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21 Black Futures

February 12, 19, 26

This is the future of Blackness seen through the eyes of 21 Black playwrights, 21 Black directors and 21 Black actors, in collaboration with countless other Black creatives behind the scenes. With the pandemic shuttering live theatre performances globally, combined with a cultural reckoning around anti-Black racism, Obsidian — led by artistic director Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu — challenged Black playwrights from Nunavut to Halifax to answer the question: “What is the future of Blackness?”

Presented by Obsidian Theatre and CBC Arts. For more information, click here

Rishi and d Douen

February 4 - February 28

A displaced Caribbean adventure about the spirits that bind us. Happening in Dis’ Place.

Rishi sees and hears things that others can’t, just like their Uncle, “Papaboisee Mamou”, Rishi heard that when Uncle was small, he was taken by a Douen: a forest spirit that lures children into the woods. It was all just village talk and folklore… until one day Rishi’s little brother disappears, called into the forest. Now it’s up to Rishi to journey deep into the forest to seek out the Douen and find their brother!

Presented by Carousel Theatre for Young People. For tickets and more information, click here.


February 3 - February 14

Euripides’ genre-defying classic has been hacked, warped and chopped – rebooted for the electronic age. Orestes, “the poet laureate of the internet!” is blurred and bleeding across YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok. His unimaginable crime of matricide is stuck on autoplay. De-platformed, disconnected, stranded in the silence of the real, he must claw his way back online and survive there by any means necessary.

Presented by Tarragon Theatre. For tickets and more information, click here

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