Theatre This Week: January 11 – 17

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Gimme Chance Leh (我的名是张欣恩)

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This heartfelt audio play explores the cultural whiplash of growing up between Calgary and Singapore. Blending English, Mandari and Singlish, Gimme Chance Leh (我的名是张欣恩) is a search for belonging between worlds.

A Chromatic Theatre production. Presented as a part of Digital Originals, a Canada Council for the Arts Initiative. For more information and to listen to the play, click here.

Grand Acts of Theatre

Available On-Demand

As the performing arts sector continues to face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Arts Centre has responded with Grand Acts of Theatre, an initiative to bring Canadian artists and audiences together.

This fall, twelve of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies were engaged to create and perform large-scale, new works in response to these times, performed outdoors in front of live audiences in various Canadian locations.

Presented by The National Arts Centre. For more information and to watch the new works, click here.


January 13

Roy, a revered theatre school teacher, falls from grace after his behaviour with a student comes to light. Mark, his past student (now colleague), has to make him understand. Vic, Roy’s daughter, desperately needs her Dad to do the right thing. Nobody’s giving up without a fight.

A Studio180 Theatre in development presentation, presented as a part of the Intermission Ticket. For more information and to tune in, click here

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