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iPhoto caption: "Have You Figured Yourself Out?" by Li Wan (Wuhan, China)

In Conversation: Nick Green on The Social Distancing Festival

We aren’t trying simply to shift art that is meant to be experienced live to carbon copies online. Online collaborations that produce work that is meant to be experienced online can continue along with attending concerts at the concert hall.

By Stephen Low / Sep 25, 2020

Mister Rogers, Fatherhood, and Melted Cheese

Last week I read for three different detective roles in the same project: Detective Lotsadays, Detective Fewerdays, and Detective Prollyjustafuckinday.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 12, 2019

March Break Mottos, Dr. Phil Moments, and Voting Habits

I’m so old I remember when people voted for who they liked more—not who they hated less.

By Tony Nappo / Mar 13, 2018

Sitting in the Dark

The pamphlet showed a young contemporary James Dean–style figure, leaning on a wall in a cool, loitering pose next to an electric guitar. It read: “Christ Embassy Church: God believes in YOU!”

By Will Greenblatt, Illustration By Kris Noelle / Feb 24, 2017