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Famous People Statues, Dr. Seuss, and Reading the Privacy Policy

Not to be outdone by Washington in terms of rebranding themselves with the most obvious and least creative name imaginable, the Leafs are now considering changing their name to the Toronto We-Are-Probably-Never-Going-Win-The-Cup-Agains.

By Tony Nappo / Jul 28, 2020

Being Young, Fucking Off, and the Right Kind of Asshole

You know those wonderful memories you have of your parents waving goodbye to you when you were a little kid? How they would do that right up until the very last second that you were out of sight? And remember how safe and confident that made you feel to be loved so intensely?

By Tony Nappo / Jul 21, 2020

Doug Ford, Back-to-School Pictures, and My Hearing

Whenever someone starts following me on Instagram and likes a picture, I automatically wonder why they didn’t like all the other ones. #needyactor

By Tony Nappo / Sep 12, 2017
iPhoto caption: Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Asha, In Her Own Words

When actors are trained they are asked to wait: when one is finished, then the second will go. I had no training, so I kept interrupting.

By Asha Jain, as told to Maija Kappler / Oct 31, 2016