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Investigative Parenting, Ari Mahler, and Uncool Tony Asks

Is asking someone what’s your “addy?” instead of “address” a thing?

By Tony Nappo / Nov 6, 2018

Yoga, My Lucky Moustache, and a Garbage Truck Fantasy

I have a recurring fantasy that when there’s a garbage truck behind me, I just put the car in neutral, put my hazard lights on, and force them to either wait or figure out a way around me. I’m one of the few people whose actual life is more exciting than their fantasy life.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 30, 2018

Wine Rack, Nasal Spray, and the Pride Parade

Last week, my doctor informed me that nasal spray, from this point forward, will officially be recognized as one of my bodily fluids.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 2, 2018

Losing Teeth, Corey Feldman, and Bad Canadian Writing

I’m pretty sure I know why, even though it is spelled COMputer, most people call it a CUMputer.

By Tony Nappo / Nov 7, 2017